The Keel

The Keel is the mountain range of central Ydra, beginning on the mainland just north of the Ox River and continuing into the many rugged, glacier-cut islands of the region's northwest. It is not the highest range in Ydra, but contains some of its roughest country: of the many villages nestled within its winding fjords, most can only be reached by water without a long and dangerous overland climb. They are natural havens for raiders and pirates, and indeed are often thought to be the birthplace of Yddr nautical raiding culture.

Despite their modest height, the mountains of the Keel are the first to break storms sweeping in from Ocean; they therefore experience the worst of the region's already-harsh weather, with rain or snow possible and even likely through most of the year. The range's eastern flanks are gentler than its western, however, and shelter great forests in their foothills.


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