Lament is a game about loss.

This isn't to say that players should expect to be constantly losing things over the course of play; there aren't any coded gremlins waiting to relieve the unwitting of their money or abilities. It's more a sense that the gameworld has been rocked by events which simply cannot be undone, that things can never be the way they were before, and that there is a very good chance that everything isn't going to be all right in the end. The world is dying, and players have the opportunity to play in its ashes.

Why one would play in such a bleak setting often differs from person to person. For some, the fact that the gameworld is crumbling makes their personal achievements more meaningful. Others prefer a darker, earthier tone to their fantasy games in place of the usual upbeat mysticism found elsewhere. Still other players savor the chance to make history before history unmakes itself. Finally, some people don't care too much about philosophy and just like the way things look and play, and they're just as welcome as everyone who's busy staring at their navels.

Of course, if one was looking for information on the game's setting (colloquially known as "theme," after all), the People or Places categories might be a good place to start, too.

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