The throwing skill determines how far and accurately a character can throw any object light enough for them to carry. Thrown objects have the lowest range of the various ranged combat options and are fairly easy to dodge, although their rate of fire is relatively high. It takes a moment after throwing something for a character to regain enough of their balance to do so again.

It's possible to attempt to throw objects into nearby rooms; one's strength and skill with throwing, as well as how close to the room's border one is, determine how successful the attempt will be.

Objects which weigh between one and five pounds have the greatest potential thrown range. Potential ammunition that weighs less than a pound or between six and ten pounds has only half the range more balanced objects do, and those objects weighing less than an ounce or more than ten pounds have even less.

One can throw an object "to" another to try and pass it to them without initiating combat. The target will need to have at least one free hand and gifts on to be able to catch something thrown to them, otherwise it will fall at their feet. Cooperative throwing is subject to the same strength, skill, and range variables as aggressive throwing.

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