Thyrnirheim is the name of the land of the dead according to those who follow the Hroendir of Ydra and parts of the Isle of Blain. The goddess Vadai chases the newly deceased there on her Wild Hunt, driving them through the mouth of her distant husband, Terian Rose, who is its gate, gatekeeper, and warden alike. Thyrnirheim is a cold, dark place generally depicted as an endless flat plain within a dripping, slick-walled cavern, or occasionally an infinite hallway lined with thousands of sleeping nooks, always located beyond a long corridor lined with jagged-edged thorny vines. Fog wreaths it. It is a quiet place of neither pleasure nor pain.

Most dead souls are ultimately bound for Thyrnirheim regardless of their actions in life; only gaining the attention of a particular Hroendir guarantees a different result, with the lauded being adopted into a given god's entourage and the scorned meeting much nastier fates. Most of those who Vadai forces into its thorned halls take a seat among the countless multitudes, blending in with their neighbors and entering a strange waking sleep from which they are difficult to rouse. The sagas describe those heroes visiting Thyrnirheim as having to wade through a thick syrup of the dreaming dead.

Despite containing it within his own body, Terian Rose often walks Thyrnirheim's halls, sweeping as he goes. Vadai rarely visits, as her dealings with the dead are more in the hunt and the chase than with their internment.

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