Travel in Lament happens in one of two general situations: inside stand-alone areas, such as cities or caves, which are represented completely by text, and in the vast expanse of the wilderness, which is also expressed as an ASCII map. While travel within areas is usually based solely on how fast a character is moving and how high their natural land speed is, travel in the wilderness takes into account another set of factors: how high their hiking skill is, what terrain they're moving through, and how high their terrain-specific travel skills are.

Travel skills also include climbing, navigation, and swimming due to their use in getting a character from place to place.

The various travel skills include:

Climbing: ascending ropes, descending rocky handholds, and similar perilous feats
Desert Travel: passing efficiently over sandy terrain
Forestry: passing efficiently through both light and heavy forest
Hiking: general overland movement
Mountaineering: passing efficiently over mountainous terrain
Navigation: orienting oneself and observing the heavens
Swamp Travel: passing efficiently through swamps and marshes
Swimming: traveling safely though the lakes, rivers, and seas of the world

In addition to traveling on foot, a character can also take a ferry from Liidhaga to the mainland and back.

Gameplay Skills

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