Vadai the Huntress is the personification of death, leading her red-eared hounds in an eternal hunt for the souls of the newly dead. She is said to be the consort of Terian Rose, though neither loves the other, and some claim she was once the lover of Dansel. Vadai was born when Isengrim created death; as he tore out the throat of one of the first women, her last breath fell to the ground and froze solid, rising up in the shape of a goddess which became Vadai.

She is white as fog, her ears as red as her own hounds', and a pair of delicate horns grow from her temples. She dresses in the furs and leathers of a hunter, the sounding horn at her side calling forth her Wild Hunt when she must rally it, and it is said she moves so softly when soul-chasing that not even the leaves break beneath her feet. Vadai is as lean as a snake. The quiver of arrows at her back is never-ending, and her bow does not miss its mark unless she wishes it to do so.

Her symbol is a crescent lying on its side, its points facing upwards, a smaller circle resting within it; this is called the Ensnaring Hand. Her aspect is the czatleop.

The proper name for a follower of Vadai is a Vadain.

Religions Hroendir

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