Witchglass is the fused remnants of soil and sand created by the immense heat thrown off by variants of the reality-warping weapons of the relur nations during the wars leading up to the Long Winter. Although usually yellow or green with black occlusions and streaking burn marks, the substance also appears as clear as ice, with patterns not unlike that of rainbows or oil on water.

The watery remnants, which are one of the most infamous relics of the war, have become the focus of folklore in myriad regions of the known world. The glass is known to cause envy, greed, and even insanity to those who see or carry it. Sorcerous types sometimes carry polished witchglass to aid in spellcasting, though this is rumored to convey an even worse sickness than the raw material.

However, despite the inherent dangers, the glass is often found bound to arrowheads in slivers, worked into jewelry given to the unwary, or even at the breasts of Darcantel mystics. Moorvic scholars sometimes pay exorbitant amounts to locate small samples.

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