Yago is known as the Green Antlered Man, a terrifying and savage personification of nature with a burning hatred for the works of god and mortal alike. He has no wife but has a seemingly infinite number of children, sired on man and beast and the land itself. Yago and Grisindr are brother and sister. He loathes civilization; a lost bet with the Hroendir saw him banished to the wild places of the world, which forbids him from going anywhere that divine or mortal hands have worked.

Yago is a mighty stag, his pelt changing colors as the seasons declare, though he is also a broad-shouldered man with an equally great pair of antlers sprouting from his brow. Yago eschews clothing, finding no use for it in his preferred shapes, and wears nothing but blue woad-paint as adornment. Where he walks, plants rise up, blossom, and die in the space of moments; it is said that he sometimes leaves footprints behind in the form of mushroom rings.

His unnamed symbol is a V with a sideways crescent drawn through it, miming the head of a deer. His aspect is, naturally, the stag.

The proper term for a follower of Yago is a Yagist. While worship of Yago is tolerated to a slight degree in civilized parts of Ydra, those who dedicate themselves solely to him are viewed as anarchists and pariahs, and generally gather deep in the forests to plan village raids. Devoted Yagists are feared nearly as much as witches.

Religions Hroendir

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