Ydra is a heavily forested region, deeply cut with fjords and interior waterways; much of its area is on the mainland, but it also includes several large islands close to shore, separated from it by narrow channels. Much of it is mountainous, especially in the north and east, and it is prone to damp, unpleasant weather through much of the year. Ydra is located north of the wasteland that stands where the nation of Anishma used to be, and southeast of the Isle of Blain.

Moorva is far to the west and slightly south of Ydra, while Rekkuris is across the Anishma wastes. Darcant is even further south than Rekkuris is from Ydra, and about as far to the west as Moorva is.


Kungesvald - The unofficial capitol of Ydra, teeming with gods and warriors.
Salhagr - A once-prosperous village, now deserted and plagued by shadows.
Sovkaldr - A lakeside village put to the sword decades ago.


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