Ydra Culture


Though subject to much regional variation, Yddr culture is as a rule enterprising, warlike, and superstitious; as many merchant knarrs as raiders' longships ply the Ox River and the northern seas seeking sometimes-honest profit, and even the fearsomely carved figureheads of the latter are removed before a friendly port in deference to the spirits of the land. Society tends to be clannish, yet social mobility is not unknown; commoners and even slaves can rise to higher positions through extraordinary effort or fortune. Lethal feuds and vendettas are widely tolerated; murder differs from manslaughter mainly in being carried out in secret, by ambush and out of the sight of the community.

The Hroendir and other regional gods are honored widely, yet no well-developed clerical hierarchy exists; godsmen are apprenticed locally and serve no masters but their lords. Many are minor chiefs in their own right. Almost every village venerates its own heroes and land-spirits as well, and the distinctions between these and true gods are often unclear.

In many parts of Ydra, the traces of older cultures remain apparent. Stone circles much older than the Hroendir still stand, and a few hinterland villages have yet to master the working of iron.

Terms and Concepts

Seax : the common short sword of Ydra and the Isle of Blain
Runes : Ydra's most common writing system
Marriage and Family
Law and Order
Cultural Taboos

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