Ydra Names

Natives of Kungesvald and the surrounding region are likely to have names that are Scandinavian, Russian, and Scottish in nature, or names that evoke the languages of said cultures. Ydra's native tongue is Yddr, so regional names tend towards the harsh consonants and throaty vowels of that language. Last names are usually patronymic, tracing family descent through many generations of fathers; both the -son and -dottr suffixes are used, as the child's sex dictates. Matronymics are rare but not unheard of, used mostly when a father is unknown or when the mother is much higher in rank or prestige. Certain influential clans' members sometimes adopt their clan name as a surname, as well.

.           MEN'S NAMES                        WOMEN'S NAMES
           -------------                      ---------------
              Andrei                              Asdis
              Bragi                               Brighid
              Cohen                               Dima
              Eyolf                               Frida
              Fridmar                             Hallka
              Ivor                                Innya
              Kieron                              Lubov
              Laszlow                             Nadjine
              Mani                                Ola
              Olaf                                Pinja
              Pekka                               Ramfrid
              Ragnar                              Snaedis
              Sasha                               Tatyana
              Taog                                Una
              Vassily                             Zarya

SURNAMES: Arvidsson, Borsson, Ericsdottr, Kajson, Pyotrsson, Torelsdottr


The patronymic and matronymic forms of a name use its genitive form as a stem, adding -son or -dottr as appropriate. Grammatically, the genitive form is usually fairly regular and depends on the ending of the name stem; terminal vowels shift backward (-i becomes -a; -a becomes -u, etc.), terminal doubled consonants become single consonants plus an -s, and terminal compound consonants drop the final consonant and add an -s. Terminal single consonants typically add an -s but remain otherwise unchanged.

-dr names, and a few others such as -dan and -mund, add an -ar (that is, Goldmund becomes Goldmundarson). -orn names shift to -arn.

For example, Snorri would become Snorrason or Snorradottr; Hrafn would become Hrafsson or Hrafsdottr; Geirr would become Geirsson or Geirsdottr; Bor would become Borsson or Borsdottr.

Following these guidelines is optional; however, for thematic reasons it's strongly encouraged.

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