Ydra Plants & Wildlife

Ydra's climate is similar to northeastern Europe, particularly the Scandinavian countries, and is heavy with mountains and forests. Naturally, this makes it home to a wide variety of European plants and animals: wolves, deer, bears, and ravens are all typical Yddr creatures, while the woods are heavy with both coniferous and deciduous trees.

Local domesticated animals include the dog, the cat, the chicken, the sheep, the ox, and the horse.

Various unique creatures also live in the wilds of Ydra.

Alphyn: Long-eared, long-tailed predators with silver fur.
Ceogh: Also known as the ceogh deer, an aggressively omnivorous quadruped.
Czatleop: Spike-horned mixtures of feline and lupine traits.

Regions Ydra

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