Ydra Roleplaying Tips

You are a hybrid of Pacific Northwestern, Rus, and Norse-flavored viking cultures, though which of these are most prominent depends on which of the dozens of little backwoods kingdoms you call home. You are almost definitely a follower of gods and spirits; whether or not these are the Hroendir also depend on location, and you may even interpret the Hroendir themselves in highly unusual ways. You are prone to being simple and accustomed to violence, and whether or not you live in constant fear of being raided depends on the strength of your thegn or chieftain. Whatever you do for a living is probably repetitive and most likely focused on farming, refining textiles, or raising animals to some degree. Plagues, raiders, and hard winters are a problem, but you generally only have to work a handful of hours out of each day and spend the rest pursuing various leisure activities.

You have presumably heard of Kungesvald or cities much like it even if you've never left your village before, although you might not realize just how big they really are until you see them in person. Whether you view living behind the safety of a wall as a fantastic luxury or as a sign of inherent weakness (or as anything inbetween) is up to you.

Regions Ydra

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